Siphon restaurant Damme
Siphon restaurant Damme

Restaurant Siphon

De Siphon in Damme is an attractive and cosy restaurant in the fairy-tale Flemish polder country, situated in a unique location surrounded by three beautiful canals.

For years, fresh eel has been the speciality of the house and guests come from far and wide to feast on this delicacy. Just a few kilometres from Damme, Knokke and Bruges, a dinner at the Siphon is definitely worthwhile.

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At Restaurant Siphon, we embrace the art of gastronomy with a thoughtful shift system for an optimal culinary experience. Reservations for lunch and dinner are divided into two shifts.

Hours shifts

Arrival between 11h30 and 13h15
Arrival between 13h30 and 17h

Arrival between 17h30 and 20h
Arrival between 20h15 and 23h30

Arrival between 14h30 and 16h30

Please respect these hours for a smooth and enjoyable restaurant visit.
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At De Siphon, you will enjoy honest, traditional cuisine. We combine pure top-quality products into tasty dishes and conjure up the best of each season on your plate every time.

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Siphon Damme
Siphon Damme

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